Adult Chamber Music


Adult Chamber Music


By introducing chamber music to students early in their lives, JCM aims to teach young musicians how to enjoy their music all of their lives regardless of what field they choose to pursue as a career.


The Adult Chamber Music program, called Chamber Music Connect (CMC), works in conjunction with JCM to create a network of opportunities and friendships that can support a student all of their lives.


Adults in the Chamber Music Connect program will be matched into ensembles according to their level and location and coached by renowned teachers in the area. There will also be soirees (workshops with hot d'oeuvres and wine), tours (weekend getaways filled with music and laughter), and concerts (ranging from home concerts to more formal events).


We feel that the adults in CMC are great examples to the students of what a lifelong passion and dedication to music feels and looks like. This diverse group will serve as a model in the community and to the students of how vital to life contentment and happiness having a lifelong passion and hobby can be.