Mailing address:

Junior Chamber Music
14281 Chambers Rd
Tustin, CA 92780

For general inquiries: Please contact Joanne Im or the Director in your area.

Interested in coaching? Please send your resume and a letter of recommendation to Susan Boettger.


Artistic and Executive Director:

Dr. Susan Boettger – (310) 266-0790

Director of Operations:

Joanne Im

Board of Directors:

Joon Sung Jun & Darlene Mizumoto

Artistic Advisor:

Joon Sung Jun

Conejo Valley Director:

Dr. Jacqueline Petitto

Conejo Valley Advisor:

Joyce Osborne

Inland Empire Co-Directors:

Dr. Wen-Ting Huang

Dr. Kookhee Hong

LA Coast Director:

Director – Dr. Jacqueline Petitto

Los Angeles Director:

Stella Cho

Orange County Director:

Dr. Minji Noh

JCM Concerto Competition Director:

Dr. Minji Noh

Music in the Mountains Tour Director:

Dr. Susan Boettger – (310) 266-0790

Tour Coordinator:

Dr. Chenny Gan

JCM–LA Intern:

Phoebe Chu

JCM–Student Service Alliance (JCM–SSA) Director:

Timothy Cai

JCM-SSA Student Board (Conejo Valley):

Branch Coordinator: William Suwandi
Secretary: Celine Chen 
Activities Manager: Robert Liu
Media Coordinator: Jason Chen

JCM-SSA Student Board (Inland Empire):

Branch Coordinator: Reno Guo
Secretary: Aaron Kwan
Co-Activities Manager: Andrea Wang
Co-Activities Manager: Simone Yu
Media Coordinator: Dianne Lee

JCM-SSA Student Board (Los Angeles):

Branch Co-coordinator: Chloe Deng
Branch Co-coordinator: Yoshimi Kimura
Co-Secretary: Timothy Cai
Co-Secretary: Elijah Qin
Activities Manager: Remy Bell
Media Coordinator: Elise Kim

JCM-SSA Student Board (Orange County):

Branch Co-coordinator: Anna Fruman
Branch Co-coordinator: Sanghyun Kim
Co-Secretary: Hannah Kim
Co-Secretary: Anna Audenis
Co-Activities Manager: Tyler Kim
Co-Activities Manager: Lara Hairapetian
Co-Media Coordinator: Aaron Kim
Co-Media Coordinator: Emma Chang