JCM-SSA: JCM Students perfrom for seniors.


JCM–Student Service Alliance (JCM–SSA)


JCMSSA BOARD POSITION OPEN! Apply Here for the 2021-22 Branch Board Positions


Each JCMSSA Branch has an independent student board responsible for organizing free outreach performances to serve community members who, otherwise, would not have access to classical music. Students play chamber and solo repertoire at various venues of the board's choice throughout the JCM season. These venues may be retirement homes, public libraries, the VA hospital, blind children's centers, or other venues the board is able to procure. Students efforts are awarded with community service hours and additional monthly hours are rewarded to board members.


Please email any inquiries to JCMSSA CoordinatorTimothy Cai.



JCMSSA Student Board Position Descriptions


Branch Coordinator
Schedules all performances in local retirement homes (once a month)
Visits the facility to ensure that the designated performance area is appropriate for the concert 
Obtains approvals of performance logistics with the JCM Board
Oversees other members
Answers any questions applicants may have

Manages performance applications 
Creates and organizes performance programs 

Activities Manager
Creates all certificates proving community service hours
Creates evaluation reports

Media Coordinator
Oversees photography at events
Assists in managing social media sites


Please note that the board members of each branch are required to attend their branch's monthly events, to help make sure that everything goes smoothly. But don't see this as an obstacle to joining the SSA, as in my experience, attending the concerts has been a very rewarding experience itself!