2024 Young Musicians Concerto Competition (open to all branches)


Competition Date: February 24, 2024 (Sat)

Application Deadline: ​January 15, 2024 (Mon)

Location: Irvine Valley College, 5500 Irvine Center Dr., Irvine, CA 92618


Important: Please read the 2024 JCM OC YMCC Rules carefully before filling out the form online.




Started in 2013 by Dr. Minji Noh and Dr. David Rentz, Young Musicians Concerto Competition provides a special opportunity for highly motivated young musicians to perform concertos with the live orchestra. This is a collaboration project of California Association of Professional Music Teachers (CAPMT) Orange County, Junior Chamber Music (JCM) and Orchestra Collective of Orange County (OC of OC). The first place winner of each category will perform with the Orchestra Collective of Orange County under the baton of Dr. David Rentz.


Categories and Application Fees
Category A (Combined with CAPMT OC applicants): Ages 11 & under (Time Limit: 10 min.) $70

Category B (JCM only): Ages 14 & under (Time Limit: 10 min.) $80

Category C (JCM only): Ages 21 & under (Time Limit: 12 min.) $90

Category A, B &; C: First place, Second place & Third place (at judges’ discretion).

Repertoire Requirements

Pianists: Any concerto movement from the Classical era or any movement by Chopin, Grieg, Saint-Saens, Schumann, or Mendelssohn. Those who wish to play a concerto movement from other composers should contact OC conductor Dr. David Rentz for permission.

Non-pianists: Contact Dr. David Rentz for approval of repertoire selection.

Ineligible Concerti for 2024:

Complete Rules


1. Age is determined by the date of the competition. The applicant has to submit a proof of age (a copy of driver’s license, birth certificate, etc.).

2. Previous First place winners are NOT eligible to compete for next two seasons.

3. All music should be performed from memory and a published copy of the chosen piece has to be presented at the time of the competition. No photocopies will be accepted. (This includes the ones used by the accompanists.)

4. Each competitor has to provide his/her own accompanist that is not their private teacher.

5. There will be a minimum of one First place winner, one Second place winner, and one Third place winner selected from each category at judges’ discretion. Each First place winner will be required to perform with the Orchestra Collective of Orange County in Season 2024-25 (Date: September 2024 TBA). The details regarding rehearsals will be announced after the competition. If the selected First place winner is unable to perform on the announced date, the Second place Winner will take his/her place in performance.

6. Students of the judges will not be allowed to compete and the judges’ decisions are final.

7. All winners agree to allow their names, photographs and video files to be used in connection with the competition as publicity for CAPMT VIII OC Chapter, Junior Chamber Music, and Orchestra Collective of Orange County.

8. There are NO REFUNDS of application fees in the event of non-participation.

For additional information, email JCM-OC Director Minji Noh.