Jeff Marsh on JCM Musicians' Recording Session for Kids vs. Monsters




From Jeff Marsh regarding the film recording session: Yesterday was an amazing day. The musicians exceeded my expectations. I prepared 11 pieces expecting to record maybe 8, but we recorded all 11 pieces and we made an additional cue out of a section of 1m3. So we really got 12 pieces and did not go into overtime. Plus, we took generous breaks. No doubt you are as proud of your kids as I am. Thank you for bringing them and allowing me to share this experience with them.

I also want to give a shout out to JCM’s very own Darlene and Susan for helping me contact many of you. We’ve just started our 5th year with them, and when I think about the festivals, competitions, coaches, teachers, friendships and world touring... I think of how less our lives would be had we not discovered JCM. Patrick’s musicianship has improved greatly from being around all of you and seeing the example of high standards you set. I may have shared a cool experience with you for an afternoon, but what all of you have given me and my family will last a lifetime.


I’ve had the privilege of spending many hours with the London Symphony and several other orchestras around the world. But my best experience so far was standing in front of a group of so called “kids,” and having my socks knocked off. You guys rock!!!


Thank you for sharing this experience with me.




JCM Musicians' Recording Session for Kids vs. Monsters with Jeff Marsh