Clemens Quartet: To Perform on "From the Top"



Clemens Quartet: To Perform on "From the Top"

In conversation or in performance, this group of young men communicates with an easy rapport, finishing each other's sentences and phrases to make the meaning complete. I had seen them perform once before, and I spoke with them a few weeks ago, between their trip to Connecticut to perform on "From the Top" and the date when it was to be aired. (Today online, and throughout the week on various NPR stations.) Their performance features the (modern and ear-bending) first-movement "Allegro" from String Quartet No. 4, Béla Bartók.


For the uninitiated, "From the Top" is an hour long show hosted by pianist Christopher O’Riley that is broadcast on 250 stations across the U.S. to an audience of more than 700,000 listeners. Each show features five acts, all young musicians, with performances, interviews, sketches and games. They tape about 20 episodes per season in front of a live audience, at various locations across the country.


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