KeyStrings Trio


Key Strings Trio

Key Strings Trio: Amber Correa, violin; Emily Uh, piano; Priscilla Kim, cello


The Key Strings Trio has been a JCM Honors Trio for 3 years. The trio won VOCE State Ensemble Competition as “First Place Alternate..” in 2016. As participants of JCM Honors Tour they recently studied with the masters from Juilliard, NEC and performed at Carnegie Hall. Amber Correa, Priscilla Kim, and Emily Uh are dear friends and accomplished soloists.


Amber Correa, age 16 and a 10th grade student of Orange County School of the Arts (OCSA), has been consistently studying violin for nine years. She has been an honors member of JCM for 7 years. She has won numerous concerto competitions with solo orchestra performances including OCSA Symphony with upcoming performance in March 2017, JCM-CAMPT Orange County Symphony (2015), Brentwood Westwood Symphony Artist of Tomorrow Concert (2014), Debut Youth Artist Laguna Woods Symphony (2014). She has also won first place at South Western Youth Music Festival, VOCE solo and chamber, and the Orange County Korean Competition,and Complete Works Junior Bach Festival (2014). Amber is assistant concert master of the OCSA symphony orchestra and toured with the orchestra performing in Prague, Vienna, and Bratislava, June 2015. Amber currently studies with Professor Lorenz Gamma and has supplemental lessons with doctoral student, Yabing Tan.


Priscilla Kim is 16 years old and attends 10th grade at the Orange County School of the Arts (OCSA) . She has participated in JCM for 4 years. She has been playing the cello since she was seven and is currently studying with Laszlo Mezo. She has won numerous music competitions including South Western Youth Music Festival, Satori, and the Musical Arts Competition of Orange County. Last year she won OCSA Symphony Concerto Competition and performed as soloist with the orchestra in 2016. Priscilla also toured with the OCSA Symphony Orchestra performing in Prague, Vienna and Bratislava, June 2015. Priscilla has been a member of the OCSA Symphony Orchestra for 3 years and Pacific Symphony Youth Orchestra (PSYO) for 2 years.


Emily Uh, 15 years old and a 10th grade student at Northwood High School, started playing the piano at age four. She has been an honors JCM member for 5 years. Her accomplishments in piano include First Place at the CAMPT Concerto Competition, Gold Medals at the MTAC Theme Festival, Second Place at the CAMPT Contemporary Music Festival State Competition and First Place in South Western Youth Music Festival (2015). She appeared as a soloist with OC Symphony and Celebration of Young Talent Concerto Orchestra. Emily was also invited to premiere “Four Homages” by Derek Bermel at the MTAC State Convention. Recently, she traveled to Poland where she studied at the Warsaw Piano Institute. She currently studies with Dr. Minji Noh. Emily is also an accomplished violist and a 3rd year member of Pacific Youth Symphony Orchestra and their chamber strings ensemble. She has participated in the All National Orchestra (2017) and CODA All State California Symphony Orchestra (2016).


The trio wishes to thank the many coaches and teachers who have dedicated their time and talents to the Junior Chamber Music students.