Brava Trio


Zeleny Trio

Brava Trio: David Chang, clarinet; Celine Chen, piano; Phillip Suwandi, cello


David Chang (17) began playing clarinet at the age of 9. He has studied with Patty Massey and is currently studying with Michael Yoshimi. He has received scholarship and attended Idyllwild Summer Music Program and the Montecito International Music Festival. David also plays for Colburn Wind Ensemble and Colburn Youth Orchestra.


Celine Chen (14) first touched a piano at age 4. She has won Grand Prize award from Satori Piano Competition in 2016. She had received scholarship of Montecito International Music Festival and Idyllwild Summer Music Festival. Celine is also a flutist and has been awarded in several competitions and got the honor to perform at MTAC Convention Festival.


Phillip Suwandi (16) started playing cello at age 9 under Beth Park and is currently studying with Andrew Cook. Phillip has been awarded several times in Southern Youth Music Festival, Satori Strings Competition, Los Angeles Violoncello Society Competition. He performed as soloist with Pasadena Summer Youth Chamber Orchestra and Santa Clarita Valley Youth Orchestra. Phillip joined International Honor Performance Series Orchestra and performed at Carnegie Hall in 2017.


Brava Trio won 1st place at American Protégé and had an opportunity to perform at Carnegie Hall in December 2017. All three are members of California All-State Orchestra and Band.